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Faro offers everything you need to communicate with the world. All your translation and travel services in one place!

Our Services


Translation is the transposal of a text from a source language to a target language. It is the best known modality of idiomatic transposition and prizes accurate fidelity to the original text.

Audio transcription

Audio transcription consists of transcribing the speech of an audio file into a written text, respecting the language used in full or accompanied by a review for its adequacy.

Video transcription

Video transcription is basically the same process, that is, it consists of transcribing what is spoken in a video file into a written text, respecting the language used in full or accompanied by a review for its adequacy. Subtitles for corporate and cultural videos fit here.

Travel advice

In addition to foreigner follow-ups, Faro also provides personalized travel advice, both for the client who is leaving the country and for those who are receiving foreigners in their companies. Booking hotels, transfers and car rentals are some of the services most sought after. It is an additional comfort offered by Faro, so you do not have to worry about anything other than closing that great deal.


Version is also a service of adaptation and adequacy of a text from one language to another, but this modality allows a freer and more artistic interpretation of the original document, being indicated especially for materials of artistic and literary content.

Glossary Creation

Nowadays, due to time constraints and standardization, companies choose to create their own glossaries, either for internal communication, or to streamline the training process of new employees. The creation of the glossary consists of a survey of the most common terms used within the company and their organization in a clear and accessible way.


Adaptation and location consist of altering a text to better reach its target audience. Both are textual changes that can be made depending on the age group, the degree of education of the public and/or their geographical location, using terms that are more familiar to the audience.

Follow-up — Interpreter

The interpreter service is highly requested for conferences, congresses and meetings between members who do not speak the same language. Within our interpretation (translation) services, the follow-up at corporate meetings and consecutive translation are some of the most sought-after. The foreign follow-up service, on the other hand, has one or more interpreters (depending on the size of the group and length of the event) meant to help international customers and suppliers while travelling around the city and not in their business commitments.



Reviews are nothing more than a in-depth look at the text, where changes are made when we find typos, grammar mistakes, localization miss-interpretations or wish to simply make the text sound more fluent to the final client.

Types of materials most requested for translation

  • Technical materials
  • Press release
  • Brochures
  • Corporate materials
  • Legal materials
  • Scientific materials
  • Contracts/Agreements
  • Movie, theater and TV scripts
  • Books and scientific publications
  • Diverse journalistic materials
  • Licenses and Patents
  • Academic researches
  • Opinion surveys
  • Marketing material
  • General reports
  • Corporate and technical manuals
  • Bulletins and Releases
  • Resumes
  • Database Content
  • Trainings
  • Websites
  • Gastronomic materials (Books, menus, etc)
  • Slide show presentations
  • Congress articles/papers

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