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Do not let language become an obstacle in your line of work

What is Faro Translations?

More than 30 languages translated, collaborators in over 10 countries, 24-hour service, total flexibility for deadlines:

This is Faro Translations!

We are a company made up of partners and collaborators with vast experience in translations. Our team is trained in several specific areas of knowledge.

Our differential lies precisely in our "human capital": translators who, in addition to possessing advanced linguistic knowledge, also deeply understand the terminology specific to their work. Here, your order will be met by people who speak your company’s language and help you turn local ideas into global innovations.

Our team is international and our collaborators are found in several places around the world, such as the USA, Puerto Rico, Uruguay, Argentina, Spain, Chile, Italy, among others. We believe that this global network assists in our work and provides local neologisms and expressions that go beyond the dictionary, helping you to communicate not only in the target language but especially in the language present in everyday life of countries that are your business focus.

At the moment, Faro Translations works with various materials in over 30 different languages. No matter what your demand or your deadline is, we can help you grow your business and become global.

Global communication as the main target

Our mission is to promote intercommunication, interaction and commerce between cultures, languages and distinct peoples, in a clear and personalized way.

What we value

Confidentiality, accuracy and a personalized service experience are our main values here at Faro. Our clients are not just numbers, but companies and people with collaborators assigned to each project, who know and understand the specifics of each translation project, as well as how to prioritize them. In addition, since we leverage a global network of collaborators, we can offer you better deadlines, ensuring we’ll meet not only your needs but also your company’s needs.

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