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Communicate in over 30 languages

We offer the best plain as well as certified translation and interpretation services, so you and your company can communicate with the world. Find out everything that Faro Translations can offer you.

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Breaking Barriers

Welcome to our website! In a globalized and ever-accelerating world, it is absolutely vital to be able to communicate clearly and be prepared for new challenges. Get to know our company and never miss another opportunity again!

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It is necessary to understand the customer’s real needs

Our process at Faro Translations focusses-in on each individual step, from the first contact with our clients to our after-sales services. Check out our workflow:

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Why Choose Us?

Here at Faro we place an immense value on confidentiality, accuracy, experience, flexibility and customizability within our services. Our clients are not simply numbers, but actually companies and people, who will be able to enjoy personally assigned collaborators for each of their projects, who will know and understand the priorities and particularities of each job. In addition, alongside our employees who comprise our global network, we can offer better deadlines that fit you and your company’s needs.

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Global communication as the main target

Our mission is to promote intercommunication by means of tools that facilitate interaction and trade between cultures, languages and distinct peoples, in a clear and personalized way.

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